Physical Therapy For Athletes


Physical Therapy with a different approach to rehab

At Petroski, we specialize in sports medicine, physical therapy, and sports performance. We work every day to be the best in the world in these areas.

Our team of clinicians and coaches doesn’t just excel at improving athletes and helping them through injuries— which they do with expertise. They also strive to create a peak experience for every person walking through our doors. We strive to create that experience by making each individual feel welcomed, empowered, pleased, and challenged. To get scheduled for an evaluation, please call our facility at (215) 576 - 4796.


We’re dedicated to helping you reach your performance goals

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Real Results, Real Reviews


They really took their time and measured my strengths and weaknesses on each side of my body and developed a work out plan that was specific for me and my needs. I can already feel a difference within myself. I look forward to going every day! It’s such a good vibe and everyone in there makes you feel comfortable.

Kenny W

As a former college athlete and current high school football coach, i have been dealing with injuries including low back pain and knee pain my whole life. I was recommended to Petroski Physio and cannot say enough good things about these guys. They are the best sports physical therapy and performance clinic around. Jared, Nick, Eric, and Sean provide a great environment and individualized my rehab program to get me feeling great again.

Joe N

As a baseball player who recently got Tommy John Surgery, I went to Petroski Physio. At Petroski the whole team of physical therapists and strength coaches make your rehab goals easy to accomplish . Everyone at the facility makes you feel welcome, and makes it feel like you are apart of a family.

Jadon T.

I went to Petroski Physio for lower back pain and after a few sessions, I was already feeling better. The people and atmosphere that Petroski Physio has created is top notch. Everyone is extremely welcoming and they love what they do making it a great patient experience. I would highly recommend this company for any issues you are having to get you back to your every day life and/or work out routine.

Kelsey A.

Working with Petroski physio was the best decision I’ve ever made. I came to them with neck pain due to a herniated c5/c6 and every session they work through all aspects of my pain, discomfort, and muscle weakness. I recommend them to everyone no matter their skill level. All the therapists at petroski are extremely informative and always make you feel at home.

Samantha H.


We care about you

When it comes to physical therapy, we're passionate. We understand that your well being, confidence, and happiness stems from your ability to get back to the things that you love. Whether that's simply going for a walk or reaching something on the top shelf, to getting back into the groove on the track, tennis court, or golf course - we will tailor a PT program that works uniquely for you. Everyone's different and every injury is different, so why shouldn't your regimen too. We are not your cookie cutter physical therapy center, we're genuine partners in your healthy recovery.

Our experienced staff

Our team is, without embellishment, the most dedicated group of caring individuals that you can find any where. We learn about who you are, where you come from, and where you want to go. All of that is important as we create a plan that works for you. While we specialize is a lot of unique injuries, one of the most common treatments we provide is ACL rehab. Doing physical therapy for an ACL injury is not one size fits all, and our staff is keenly aware of the small intricacies that can impact a healthy recovery team. I know we've said it before, and our website guys tell is we need have a certain amount of words on our homepage, but it's true. Physical therapy is not something where you can apply the same exact plan each and every time, it should be tailored to the individual.

The best service

Outside of being amazing in what we do for our client's physical health, we also pride ourselves in providing a convenient and streamlined approach to actually using our services. We have existing relationships with many of the top insurance providers, and we understand how to navigate their waters. Our extremely helpful and patient staff is happy to answer all of your (not) dumb questions about where we're located, how we onboard clients, etc. And since we should probably note this somewhere, we also excel at providing top notch rehab for UCL injuries. We know this is a lot of words for our homepage, and if you've read all the way to here: thank you! We're simply trying to be as helpful as possible.