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This is one of the most fundamental breathing exercises we can perform. Begin by lying flat on your back, and inhale through your nose. The idea is to NOT use your accessory muscles (pecs, muscles of the neck, ect) to take air in. Draw the air into your stomach. Begin to exhale through pursed lips. When you feel like you can’t get any more air out, YOU CAN! Contract your abs and forcefully exhale the remaining air.


Begin by lying flat on your stomach. Inhale air deep into your belly. This breathing exercise will be challenging because the surface you are lying on will will act as resistance for your diaphragm. Forcefully exhale all air by contracting your abs.


Begin with your knees and hips bent to 90 degrees. Your heels can be resting on a surface or planted against a wall. Next, lift your hips slightly off the surface and begin a diaphragmatic breathing.