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Is Strength Training Bad for Women?

Mike Valerio CSCS | Taylor Bracy SPT | Nick Petroski DPT There is a great misconception about women and strength training. The thought is if women

Understanding Ankle Sprains as an Athlete

By Nick Petroski DPT, and Mike Valerio CSCS While some injuries can be considered ‘sport specific’, think UCL injuries in baseball, ankle sprains are anything but

Why Runners Get Injured?

Why Do Runners Get Injured?   Most running injuries occur as a result of the runner possessing multiple risk factors and then participating in running over prolonged


–The most common question we get asked during rehab sessions is, “Should I ice it?”. The answer is dependent upon the reason for icing and

What Makes A Good Warm Up?

Warm ups are especially important for a variety of reasons. They can keep you healthy, prepare your body for your work out, and get you